Robes Delivered offer two elegant built in wardrobe hanging rod options:

-White Oval Hanging Rods

-Silver Oval Hanging Rods

Generally speaking, the White Oval hanging Rod option is offered as a standard feature alongside our standard sliding wardrobes (Mirrors, melamine and frosted glass). However, that isn’t to say that you can’t upgrade to the Silver Oval option.

Why go either way?

The White Oval hanging rods are made from aluminium and are recommended for a span of no more than 1100mm. This option is generally suited to any sliding or hinged wardrobe option and includes white walk in wardrobe designs and layouts.

The Silver Oval hanging rods are an upgrade and attract an extra cost of $15 per rod length. They also come with steel flanges ( supporting the hanging rod) and this gives additional support for heavier clothing loads.

Whether it is a standard wardrobe upgrade or a luxury look you are after, our options will serve the purpose.