• A non-refundable 20 – 30% deposit is required on booking in an installation date.
  • Any change of mind after the deposit has been paid will result in loss of deposit.
  • Any alterations to a quote after a deposit has been paid needs to be emailed to info@robesdelivered.com.au. An email reply will be sent with 2 business days confirming changes and any price changes that have incurred. No changes can be made 14 business days before installation date.
  • If a change of installation date is required it must be done with a minimum of 7 working days notice. An email is to be sent to info@robesdelivered.com.au to confirm the date change or a service fee is charged.
  • All wardrobes installed must be inspected on the completion of the job with the Robes Delivered Installer. If there are any faults/ scratches/damage they are to be reported to the installer prior to the installer leaving the job to ensure your warranty is not voided.
  • No Flooring, backing, plaster work, cornices, skirting or painting is provided.
  • Any power points, electrical cables or devices and anything structural that is in the way of the installation of the wardrobe, is the responsibility of the client only to organise removal before installation is scheduled and re-installed if required after Robes Delivered have completed the job.
  • All pets are to be restrained while our consultants and installers are on your property.
  • Payment of the balance of your installation is due and payable on the day of completion.
  • Robes Delivered retains the right to remove the installed materials at any time in the event of non-payment by the customer without reasonable cause. Further, Robes Delivered retains the right to use reasonable force to gain access to property in order to retrieve its goods and/or services for which a customer has failed to, or refused to pay for in full.
  • All invoices will be emailed to the customer.
  • Methods of payment accepted by Robes Delivered are:-
    • Visa or Mastercard (2% surcharge fee applies)
    • Cash paid to the installer on completion
    • EFT – to be transferred 48 hours prior to installation with a payment receipt to be emailed to


Where a dispute arises in relation to quality of workmanship, conduct, or any other matters the customer is at liberty to call upon or engage in resolving the dispute with one of the Robes Delivered management team in the first instance.

The appointed manager shall ensure that the customer is contacted and the issues pertaining to the complaint heard on a without prejudice basis to either party. If there is any possibility of reasonably resolving the dispute, it should be done so at that instance.

In the event that the dispute proves difficult to resolve, both parties shall be at liberty to apply to the NSW Department of Fair Trading.


If the customer defaults in its obligations to Robes Delivered for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, withholding payment, withholding access to the work-site, causing undue delay making complaints that are deemed unreasonable or improper, or seeking to terminate the contract prior to it’s conclusion, Robes Delivered shall have reasonable cause to terminate it’s obligation and the customer will be liable for the full price of the contract as if the contract had been completed in full. Any unpaid amount arising shall be treated as a default and Robes Delivered may be at liberty to apply any means necessary to seek recovery of the outstanding amounts including but not limited to, legal costs incurred in the process both, party and solicitor client costs along with all other costs associated with the recovery process.