Walk-in Wardrobes in Mosman

Walk-In Wardrobes should always feel grand and luxurious. We use our full carcass system in our walk-in wardrobes, however, you do have the option of having your wall and floor as the back and base of your walk-in. We do not use standard sized modules, ensuring complete design flexibility.

Choose from white melamine, coloured melamine or polyurethane painted options. All available in either 16mm, 18mm, 21mm or 25mm board.

There are a variety of drawer handle options available for your new walk-in wardrobe. The most popular handle option these days is to have no handle and a simple gap between each drawer. This provides for a modern and aesthetically pleasing look whilst is also practical. You may also select push to open drawers with with a full height drawer face. Lastly, you can also select a handle to be fitted to the front of the drawer face!

There are two kinds of hanging rods that we use in our walk in wardrobes. The first and standard option is the white oval aluminium hanging rods that come with plastic supports or we can also supply silver or gold oval hanging rods!

Walk-in wardrobe prices are subject to an on-site measure and quote.

Choose your colour and style!

Everyone has unique requirements; the beauty of a tailored, bespoke walk-in wardrobe or built-in wardrobe design is that we can design a solution that ticks all of the boxes; style, space and budget.

We offer a variety of colours for our bespoke walk-in wardrobes. Our material is purchased from Polytec and Laminex, two of Australia’s best melamine suppliers.

We work with a lot of walk in and built in wardrobe ideas, from incorporating TVs, safes, dressing tables, even your fridge, into our designs.

We believe that the best utilisation of your space is achieved when flexibility of design is incorporated. If you can dream it, we can deliver it!

Bring your ideas and let’s have a chat!!

Drawers and Handles 

Designing your new Walk in wardrobe can be a complex task.

Drawers play a crucial role in keeping clothes hidden away in a neat and ordered fashion. One must therefore ask themselves the question of ‘What drawer size is right for me?’

Robes Delivered are proud to offer a range of drawer units to fit inside of your walk in wardrobe and will compliment the internals they are part of.

The decision to go with standard 458mm or upgrade to 608mm.

The 458mm drawer units provide a sufficient amount of clothing storage. Generally speaking, this drawer size is suited for walk in wardrobes of most sizes. 

The decision to upgrade to the larger 608mm drawer unit size in your Walk-in wardrobe will also depend largely on the space you have available. 

Depending on the size and style of your walk-in wardrobe, different drawer unit sizes will work better. It is crucial that one of our designers measures up your wardrobe space to ensure that the right design is allocated to you.

We can also manufacture custom sized drawers to any width up to 1100mm and add in a variety of accessories including jewellery drawers, pull-out shoe racks and LED lighting.  

Custom Walk-in Wardrobes in White Melamine

Stylish Walk-in Wardrobes in Coloured Melamine

Walk-in Wardrobes in a Polyurethane Finish

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