Wardrobe internals and inserts

Wardrobe Internals made for you!

At Robes Delivered, we are proud to showcase a variety of wardrobe internals and layouts.

Well planned, internal wardrobe configurations don’t only maximise space but also provide smart storage. The combination of long and double hanging, adjustable or fixed shelving and variable drawer configurations, can be proportioned to your requirements, and also include a wide range of options such as: shoe shelves, wire basket draws, adjustable shelving etc. Find inspiration for your new wardrobe internals.

Whether you’re looking for a walk-in wardrobe design or new wardrobe internals layout to fit inside your new wardrobe doors, we can help you in determining what requirements you have and how possible they are to achieve.

Robes Delivered’s wardrobe internals succeed in creating synergy between functionality and design. A timeless and pure-style solution, which meets your personal needs and forms the framework for the perfect wardrobe in your home. Only your fantasy is the limit for the maximum utilisation of your room.

Please browse some of our internal layout ideas and contact us if you need any further information.

We are happy to talk to you over the phone before your consultation to give you as much information as possible.

Your consultant will go through the various wardrobe internals and configurations during your site visit. They will also make recommendations depending on the amount of people planning to use the wardrobe, along with other factors!

Wardrobe Internals- Some examples below:

Hanging Rods & Internal Accessories

There are four kinds of hanging rods that we use in our walk in wardrobes. The first and standard option is the white oval aluminium hanging rods that come with plastic supports or we can also supply silver, black or gold oval hanging rods!

Choose your colour and style!

Everyone has unique requirements; the beauty of a tailored, bespoke wardrobe design is that we can design a solution that ticks all of the boxes; style, space and budget.

We offer a variety of colours for our bespoke wardrobe internals. Our material is purchased from Polytec and Laminex, two of Australia’s best melamine suppliers.

We work with a lot of wardrobe internals accessories including pull-out shoe shelves, jewellery tray inserts, pulldown hanging rods and more!

We believe that the best utilisation of your space is achieved when flexibility of design is incorporated. If you can dream it, we can deliver it!

Bring your ideas and let’s have a chat!!

Wardrobe internals. What colour works best for you?

Drawers and Handles 

Designing your new internals can be a complex task.

Drawers play a crucial role in keeping clothes hidden away in a neat and ordered fashion. One must therefore ask themselves the question of ‘What drawer size is right for me?’

We are proud to offer a range of drawer units to fit inside of your existing wardrobe.

The decision to go with standard 458mm or upgrade to 608mm.

The 458mm drawer units provide a sufficient amount of clothing storage. Generally speaking, this drawer size is suited for internals of most sizes. 

The decision to upgrade to the 608mm drawer size in your Wardrobe will depend on the space you have available. 

Depending on the size and style of your built-in wardrobe, different drawer unit sizes will work better. It is crucial that we measure up your wardrobe space to ensure that the right design is allocated to you.

We can also manufacture custom sized drawers to any width up to 1100mm.

We stock accessories including jewellery drawers, pull-out shoe racks and LED lighting.