Wardrobe Materials and the use of A grade Board

Different Built-in Wardrobe manufacturers use different products. It’s a given and much like any other business uses cost effective approaches to save money in the short term. Wardrobe Materials, and the type of materials a manufacturer uses is key in determining what wardrobes will last the test of time and what ones will meet their demise.

Robes Delivered pride themselves in using the best materials available in the market. Whether it’s our melamine internals or doors, we only use A grade products to ensure quality.

The Wardrobe Materials we use in our internals are made from E1 particle board. This basically means that hte product contains a significantly lower amount of chemicals in the glue as opposed to lower grades that can sometime smell and cause harm.

The MDF doors that are used for our Polyurethane wardrobes are also of the highest quality. The Sliding doors are 25mm thick to prevent bowing of the wider sliding doors and the hinged doors are made from 18mm MDF to prevent the hinges from sagging and lowering over time.

The need for using Wardrobe Materials that are environmentally friendly should be a significant factor to consider by all Wardrobe manufacturers.