All of our wardrobes are Impressive Wardrobes. The range is extensive and the amount of colours available are equal to the amount of colours that Dulux stocks.

That’s right, if Dulux has it, we can do it!

Our impressive Wardrobes in particular the Polyurethane range provide for extreme colour customisation. We can even match colours to your existing walls, cabinetry and furniture colours.

There has been increased emphasis on matching colours in the household. Not only is this done for interior design, but it’s done so the rooms are easy on the eye without an elephant in the room!

Basically all you need to do is note down the names of the Dulux colours you have in your house. We will take you through the rest during your on-site consultation.

Robes Delivered stock Impressive Wardrobes and we will match the right colour to your home decor.

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